You are the next Executive Producer!

Invest in a Film/Tv Series Production and Distribution Company.

Investments in the Home Entertainment Industry were reserved to a strict circle of Hollywood bosses until now. Not anymore with Viblu. Let’s explore together the huge market of the Independent Filmmakers and fund notable projects that will generate royalties forever.



Viblu is a Home Entertainment Production and Distribution company. We envision a time when, for the first time, independent filmmakers will be able to access funds to produce and distribute to the public audience those great films and TV Shows that are being kept out of the market by the Hollywood giants. To support our production investment program, we plan to film a number of feature films and TV Series to be distributed on streaming platforms like Amazon and Roku.  Through blockchain technology, we expect to allow those who wants to invest in the entertainment industry to buy tokens that will give them the right to receive royalties from the proceeds of the entire Viblu content portfolio distribution. We have an active channel on Amazon Prime Video and Roku. We plan on using these streaming partners for the distribution of our content but we also are developing the Viblu Streaming Platform, as an independent streaming platform solution.

Viblu makes money in three ways:

  • We publish Home Entertainment content on Amazon Prime and Roku
  • We sell the right of distribution in non-exclusive form to other channels
  • We sell advertising on Viblu Streaming Platform

The Offer:

2,000,000 VIBLU Tokens (20% of the total supply)

Price:  1 VIBLU = USD 1.00

Price:  1 VIBLU = BCX 10.00


50% of the profits from the distribution of Film and TV Series produced by Viblu will be distributed to all the token holders

50% of the same profits are reinvested in the production of new projects. This will make the value of the VIBLU token grow constantly.

The distribution of the royalties is managed by a smart contract on the Ethereum block chain.


The VIBLU token holders can access a number of perks offered by Viblu in occasion of every production, depending on how many tokens an investor owns. A few examples:

You can be invited to visit the set during the production of a film or TV show.

You can attend a premiere or screening.

You can receive gadgets or an invitation to a special event.

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